Blanket Donation Drive in Delhi Ncr

In Today’s world, people are concerned with availing the benefits which they are privileged to get in their lives, and focus on maximising it. However, there also exist people who are unable to procure the seemingly simple necessity of two square meals a day. They are also a part of the society, and it is our responsibility as human beings, to look after the needy, anyway that we can.

Pushti Foundation has tried to contribute to the well-being of the homeless people, by distributing blankets to them, in order for them to face the harsh winters. We have been conducting drives mostly in areas where homeless people sleep in the open, who are subject to the brutality of cold winds throughout the day.

In many cases it is not just one person who suffers, it is the whole family that suffers. Reports suggest that this year the winter was one of the coldest winters in the past decade. One can only imagine the shivering fits the children must be experiencing during this cruel weather season.

Of course, the government has tried to plan shelters for the homeless people, but its benefits have not yet been availed by a majority of the population. Our aim is to reach as many people as we can, and to diminish their suffering by donating blankets to them. We urge everyone to work with us, to spread warmth in the lives of the needy.