Internship is a period of time wherein the interns can gain adequate experience in a field of their choice, either to enhance their academic knowledge, or to further their insight in non-academic fields, or both.

It serves as a prelude to what the interns will subsequently be facing in their future. An internship in India in a good organization provides the opportunity to engage in a professional environment, and to get acquainted with how things operate in such work places, hence offering a practical worldview.

In today’s world, the importance of the work in non-governmental organizations has been recognized, and is also considered as an added skill, when it comes to appearing for job/academic interviews. A person who has previously completed an internship in an NGO displays, that they recognize their social responsibility, and have actively pursued and worked in the field, hence giving them an edge over others, who do not have adequate field experience in social work.

Pushti Foundation, provides opportunities to do internship in Delhi, in an NGO setup, for those who are looking to explore the field of social work; which includes aspects such as teaching young children, interacting with them to determine how they can be helped in new ways, and will also give the interns a hands-on experience by engaging them in field work.

We also understand that the internship experience is an exchange of services by both the parties involved. Keeping this in mind, we will be providing the interns with a certificate and if they show exceptional work, they will be awarded letters of recommendation, which will benefit them in their future employment opportunities.

We look forward to working with dedicated interns, and we promise that that our NGO in Delhi for internship will include a comprehensive program. Opportunities for both summer and winter internships exist. This will surely be an enriching experience for the interns, which will lead to both an enhancement in professional growth, and to the development of
the self.