Welcome to Pushti Foundation

The purpose behind establishing the Pushti Foundation was to bring into focus the presence of interconnectedness of life. Robert Thurman in his Ted Talk emphasized upon how necessary it is to move beyond oneself. Changing our worldview by focusing on making the lives of others better provides one with a sense of purpose. Empathizing and feeling connected to others enhances the well-being of both the self, and the larger world. That is what defines social work, and it is this which we wish to achieve through the collective help of our members and volunteers. Being connected to others is the utopian vision which we are aspiring to reach.

Pushti Foundation has been registered under Trust Act and Founded by Nitesh Pandey . Since its establishment in 6 August 2018, Pushti Foundation has endeavored to work for the betterment of children in need. We have maintained contact with them, and our ultimate vision of aiding their education process has been initiated by taking small steps to improve their day-to-day functioning.






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