Volunteering is an activity which focuses on enhancing the well-being of others, and is an altruistic activity which is motivated by concern towards others, without the presence of any external rewards.

It has long been seen as a virtue, which needs to be inculcated, as it is highly positive in nature, and leads to the betterment in the lives of others. It also leads to an enhancement in knowledge of the volunteer, expanding the horizon of their worldview. In addition, it leads to the betterment of mental health, as engaging in volunteering activities promotes the
spreading of happiness.

Volunteering in NGOs serves the purpose of contributing to the community by providing one’s services to enhance the quality of living of people in need. Volunteering in India is also seen as emulating the principles as propounded by the Indian culture- of being kind towards others.

Pushti Foundation provides opportunities for volunteering in Delhi in an NGO setup, for the betterment of children and to increase their practical skills and knowledge. It will also help increase the awareness of volunteers regarding different communities and different worldviews, by interacting with people from diverse backgrounds, hence contributing to the
development of the community as a whole.

Volunteers will be provided a certificate as a token of appreciation for their help. We hope that more people will join us in this venture to benefit the children by volunteering in NGO, and pave the way towards a better and more aware society as a whole.